Simon Smith

Simon is an energetic and charismatic personal trainer, whose passion for helping clients is clear from the outset. Fun and individuality are at the centre of his sessions, with the firm belief that enjoying your training is key to long term success.
Simon started as a self-employed PT in England, and since then has developed a wide range of skills that enable his clients and himself to reach their fitness and health goals. He has trained for, and completed long distance events like Tough Mudder, the Major Series, and the Aarhus city half marathon; and since then, Simon has also found a passion for maximum strength training and powerlifting.

He loves to vary his sessions to challenge the body in different ways, but still keeping elements of consistency so his clients can see how much they are improving and progressing. Tools such as boxing, kettlebells, and TRX help to keep the sessions interesting and fun for different ability levels and preferences.
“I believe in finding the right training style and routine that is specific to each of my clients; and I find great joy in seeing my clients accomplish what they didn’t think they were capable of.”
Alongside personal training, Simon studies Global Nutrition and Health at VIA university. This has been a valuable education to help his clients with both nutrition and healthy lifestyles in a holistic fashion. He knows the importance in being educated in food and lifestyle habits, rather than following a trend of simply banning certain foods, or forcing unnecessary amounts of training sessions each week.
“Training for me is not really about being faster, stronger or bigger than other people; I believe it is about being a better, healthier, and more able you, than you were last week, last month and last year.”

Simon er desuden personlig træner ansvarlig i SeierFitness.

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  • Maximum strength
  • Conditioning
  • Weight loss
  • Kettlebells
  • Boxing
  • Muscle building
  • TRX
  • Outdoor training
  • Functional training
  • Long-term programming